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Temporary Work Supervisor Course

Temporary Work Supervisor Course

Are you contemplating enrolling in a Temporary Work Supervisor Course, or perhaps you’ve been directed to attend one, only to discover that there are three distinct options to choose from? This blog post aims to delve into temporary works courses, shedding light on the disparities between a Temporary Works Coordinator, Temporary Works Supervisor, and Temporary Works Awareness.

To begin with, undertaking a course related to your work responsibilities can significantly enhance your employability and open new opportunities within your current workplace.

The inherent risks associated with temporary works on construction sites prompted the development of specialized courses tailored to various roles within the temporary works process. Each course addresses the specific responsibilities and skills required for roles such as Temporary Works Coordinator, Temporary Works Supervisor, and Temporary Works Awareness.

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Why choose a temporary work course?

Temporary works encompass elements of a construction site essential for facilitating the construction of permanent structures. This includes components like scaffolding, shoring, false work, and formwork, among others, forming an extensive list of crucial elements.

Within the realm of temporary works, there exist three specialized courses, namely:

  • Temporary Works Coordinator
  • Temporary Works Supervisor
  • Temporary Works Awareness

Each course is meticulously crafted to cater to distinct roles integral to the temporary work process. Importantly, they have received approval and certification from the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board), a testament to their adherence to industry standards. These courses have been developed through collaboration and consultation with important figures in the construction industry, ensuring their relevance and effectiveness in addressing the specific challenges and responsibilities associated with temporary works.

Temporary Works Coordinator

The Temporary Works Coordinator course spans two days, providing invaluable training for individuals seeking to acquire the essential skills for effective management of temporary works.

Renowned as one of the most sought-after courses in temporary works, the Coordinator course is particularly well-suited for those currently in, or preparing to assume, the role of a ‘temporary works coordinator.’ Additionally, it caters to individuals tasked with coordinating temporary works within the scope of their responsibilities. Upon completing the course, the certification is valid for five years, after which revalidation through course retaking becomes necessary. Proficiency as a Temporary Works Coordinator requires a comprehensive understanding of BS5975.

The course curriculum covers key aspects, including:

  • Understanding Best Practices for Temporary Structures on Building Sites
  • Defining the role of a temporary works coordinator
  • Conducting thorough risk assessments
  • Effective management of temporary works on a construction site
  • Emphasizing the importance of communication, coordination, cooperation, and competency in the context of temporary works.

It’s crucial to note that the course is evaluative, involving a multiple-choice test at its conclusion. Continuous assessment is also integrated throughout the training, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of the participants’ understanding and application of the material.

Temporary Works Supervisor

This concise yet comprehensive one-day course is tailored for individuals aspiring to oversee temporary works, encompassing responsibilities such as managing erection or dismantling processes and ensuring diligent monitoring and maintenance.

Contrary to a common misconception, the Temporary Works Supervisor course is not positioned as a higher-level counterpart to the coordinator course; it is specifically designed for those tasked with supervising temporary works. This can encompass a variety of roles, from site supervisors or managers to scaffolders or individuals from plant companies. The fundamental requirement is a complete understanding of the supervisor’s role and associated responsibilities. Like the temporary works coordinator course, successfully completing the supervisor course entails passing a multiple-choice assessment at its conclusion. The resulting certification remains valid for five years, necessitating revalidation through course retaking.

Throughout the course, participants delve into crucial aspects, including:

  • Understanding the duties and rationale behind the need for a temporary works supervisor
  • Emphasizing the significance of communication, coordination, cooperation, and competency
  • Unpacking the relevance of BS5975 to the supervisory role
  • Recognizing the imperative nature of risk management in overseeing temporary works

Armed with the knowledge gained from this course, individuals are empowered to contribute effectively to managing temporary works across diverse construction sites, irrespective of their scale.

Temporary Works Awareness

For those not aiming for roles as Temporary Works Coordinators or Supervisors, the CITB provides a valuable resource in the form of a free online course titled “Temporary Works General Awareness.”

This course is specifically tailored for individuals needing more familiarity with temporary work or minimal experience in this domain. It caters to professionals occupying roles where a foundational knowledge of temporary works proves beneficial, particularly if they are not directly involved in the planning aspects. Essentially, anyone within the construction industry who encounters temporary work but needs to be more actively engaged in their planning can gain valuable insights from this course. Previously conducted in a classroom setting, the CITB transitioned it into an online learning format in 2023.

Ideal candidates for this course include newcomers to construction sites, such as recent graduates, contract managers, site supervisors, directors, planners, health and safety professionals, and even occasional visitors to construction sites, like salespersons from plant suppliers.

The online course, requiring approximately 3 hours for completion, provides a fundamental introduction to temporary work. Participants can expect to gain insights into:

  • Definition and nature of temporary works
  • Practical applications in real-world settings
  • The paramount importance of safety
  • Identification of common safety issues and associated risks

Despite being an awareness course, it concludes with a multiple-choice assessment, and successful participants receive an electronic certificate, affirming their understanding of the fundamental concepts related to temporary works.

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