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How to find new employees in Construction

How to find new employees in Construction?

As an employer, you understand that your reputation is the key to success in the construction industry. The ability of construction companies and their affiliated contractors to secure projects is directly tied to the perceived quality of their construction work. It is crucial to recognize that the employees responsible for delivering this work are the employees. The company cannot fulfil the necessary projects with the right construction workforce.

Thanks to the CSCS initiative, the entire industry now has a standardized measure for evaluating the competence and experience of its workforce. This initiative allows all trades within the construction sector to be assessed against a common benchmark. As a result, site supervisors and company managers now have a more comprehensive understanding of the quality and qualifications of their job applicants.

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Measuring quality and safety in construction employees

In addition to being a reliable indicator of authentic experience, CSCS Cards are intricately linked with NVQ and SVQ Levels. These cards not only validate the genuine expertise of an individual but also convey, to you as an employer, that your potential new hire has completed the pertinent Health, Safety & Environment Test. The CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test, tailored to the specific nature of work and risk in various construction trades, is a prerequisite for construction employees to obtain their cards.

The CSCS Card or its equivalent should be your primary consideration when seeking new construction employees. Four recognized CSCS-affiliated card providers offer cards that are regarded as the definitive CSCS Cards for specific trades such as electrotechnical, HVAC, hazardous materials removal, and plumbing. Whether it’s one of these specialized cards or a CSCS Smart Card, possessing such documentation clearly indicates that your potential employee is competent and well-versed in safety protocols. This emphasis on certification ensures that your workforce possesses the necessary skills and prioritizes safety in the construction environment.

Looking for new employees in the construction industry

Understanding what qualities to seek in a new construction employee is crucial, but the next question is: where should you actively search for these potential hires? The recruitment landscape has evolved significantly from when advertising through local employment agencies the standard practice in the contemporary job market, job seekers employ diverse strategies to secure employment, necessitating construction companies to explore a broader array of channels to attract qualified candidates.

Construction companies can explore innovative recruitment strategies tailored for the construction industry to attract and retain top talent. Companies can leverage niche job boards, social media, and industry partnerships to connect with skilled construction professionals. They can also enhance their company’s appeal to potential hires by offering competitive wages, comprehensive benefits, and opportunities for growth.

Qualifications and new employees in construction

A wealth of prospective construction employees is currently studying NVQ and SVQ modules relevant to your specific trade. Apply a fundamental advertising principle by directly engaging with your target market- establish connections with local colleges. Young individuals pursuing NVQ and SVQ Level 1 in designated building and construction trades actively seek companies for apprenticeships. Your involvement in this educational ecosystem can be a mutually beneficial endeavour.

By allowing these aspiring professionals to complete their studies, you position your company as a desirable destination for their apprenticeship. Subsequently, you can facilitate their entry into the workforce by supporting them in obtaining their first CSCS Card. This strategic approach ensures a pipeline of skilled and educated workers for your company and contributes to the growth and development of emerging talent in the construction industry. By engaging with local colleges, you play a pivotal role in shaping the future workforce while meeting your recruitment needs.

How Coteca will help you? emerges as a dedicated online platform designed to cater to the needs of aspirants within the construction industry. Our extensive services encompass CSCS card applications, training, assessments, health and safety training, CITB test bookings, NVQ training, and more.

Our platform hosts an array of construction courses tailored to assist construction workers and companies in the UK in meeting their health and safety requirements. In collaboration with Coteca, workers can confidently embark on their CSCS card journey. Coteca helps workers in educating and obtaining a valid CSCS card so that will help you hire a good skilled and reliable worker.

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