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How to verify a CSCS Card

How to verify a CSCS Card?

Ensuring the validity of a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card is crucial for individuals working in the construction industry. Verifying a CSCS card is a straightforward process that involves confirming the authenticity of the cardholder’s details and qualifications.

Regularly inspecting cards is essential for site managers to verify their authenticity, expiration status, and the cardholder’s possession of the necessary training and qualifications for their respective roles.

CSCS advocates for employers to conduct routine electronic verifications, emphasizing that relying solely on visual card inspections may not be sufficient to detect fraudulently acquired cards.

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Types of CSCS frauds

 There are four types of CSCS fraud, which are as follows:

  • Qualification Fraud: In cases where organised criminals aid individuals in acquiring authentic qualifications, most qualification-delivering centres maintain the necessary standards. However, there are instances where the integrity of a center is compromised. The rigorous anti-fraud measures implemented in a center often necessitate coercing staff members into pivotal positions. These team members become complicit, facilitating candidates in obtaining legitimate qualifications. This involvement may include allowing someone to take a test on behalf of another person, providing answers to a candidate, or permitting the use of electronic devices to verify answers. CSCS relies on awarding organisations to oversee the performance of their approved training providers and ensure that individuals have attained the required qualifications before CSCS issues a card.
  • Center Malpractices: Instances of misconduct within centres encompass scenarios such as examiners passing candidates who did not meet the stipulated standards and intentionally falsifying records to obtain certificates falsely. This malpractice threatens the construction sector, necessitating collaborative efforts within the industry to guarantee that qualifications are exclusively granted to individuals possessing the necessary knowledge.
  • Advanced Fee Fraud: Frequently, wrongdoers employ online and social media channels to aid candidates in acquiring a CSCS card without fulfilling the mandatory examination requirements. When an individual is deceived into expecting the delivery of a card that never arrives, this deceptive practice is termed advanced fee fraud. To obtain a CSCS card, individuals must fulfil the requisite qualifications and courses. The Fraud Investigation team diligently monitors such activities, taking prompt action to dismantle and close operations engaging in such fraudulent practices.
  • Fake Cards and Certificate Forgery: CSCS cards incorporate smart technology, and the CSCS Smart Check app facilitates counterfeit cards’ swift and straightforward identification. Consequently, the prevalence of fake CSCS cards in circulation is minimal. To sustain this positive trend, the construction industry should persist in routinely verifying cards using CSCS Smart Check to reduce the numbers further. In a similar vein, historically, fake certificates were characterized by poor quality and easy identifiability. However, fraudsters have evolved to create more sophisticated qualification certificates and documents. While the incidence of counterfeit certificates remains low, we remain committed to collaborative efforts with Awarding Bodies to detect forged documents promptly during application.

How to report a CSCS fraud card?

If you suspect a fraudulent card and want to report it, use the app’s fraud reporting process or follow these instructions:

  • Deny entry to the site.
  • Retain the card if possible.
  • Create photocopies or take photos of the front and back of the card.
  • Document the cardholder’s name and address.
  • Inquire about the card’s origin from the cardholder.
  • Access the CSCS Smart Check app and choose ‘Report suspected fraudulent card.’
  • Specify the relevant scheme and attach images of the card’s front and back.
  • Complete the necessary information on the form and submit the form.

Tackling and reporting fraud card

Individuals possessing CSCS cards acquired through fraud lack the qualifications for their jobs. They cannot demonstrate the essential level of health and safety knowledge crucial for safe operations on construction sites.

In recent years, the construction industry has witnessed the rise of criminal syndicates employing sophisticated methods to engage in various forms of fraud, allowing them to obtain qualifications for construction fraudulently. These ill-gotten qualifications are then used to apply for CSCS cards.

While current fraud prevention measures have proven successful, with incidents affecting less than one per cent of all applications, there is a need for additional efforts to eradicate fraud completely. CSCS collaborates closely with Awarding Organizations, CITB, HMRC, the Police, Trading Standards, and other agencies to identify and take decisive action against individuals attempting to deceive construction employers.

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