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What does Demolition mean

What does Demolition mean?

Demolition operatives play a crucial role within a collaborative team tasked with preparing a site for a forthcoming construction project. These professionals meticulously disassemble structures by employing a diverse range of tools, including manual hand tools and larger-scale plant machinery. Their responsibilities encompass the systematic removal of fittings, extraction of hazardous materials, and salvaging reusable items. Before demolishing or dismantling unsafe or obsolete buildings and structures, the team works diligently to ensure the site is thoroughly cleaned and primed for the upcoming construction endeavours.

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What qualifications are required for demolition operative?

Although formal qualifications are optional for those aspiring to become demolition operatives, various pathways exist to facilitate entry into this profession. One option is an apprenticeship, while another involves applying directly to potential employers for work opportunities.

Within the demolition sector, employers often prioritise candidates who exhibit enthusiasm, a readiness to learn, and the ability to follow instructions diligently.

Acquiring a Certificate of Competence in Demolition Operations (CCDO) card is mandatory to work on a demolition site. While some prospective employers may arrange the necessary training for obtaining this certification, individuals seeking more information about the scheme and acquiring a CCDO card can explore additional details by visiting website.

If you are keen to embark on the journey to become a demolition operative, you may consider completing one of the following:-

  • Level 2 Demolition Operative NVQ
  • Level 2 Demolition Operative Apprenticeship
  • Specialist Applied Skills Programme (SAP) is a comprehensive 18-month new entrant training initiative. These programs culminate in the achievement of a vocational qualification (NVQ) and are widely recognised by trade associations and employers as ‘sector apprenticeships.’

Each option provides a structured and comprehensive pathway for individuals aspiring to excel in dynamic field of demolition operations.

Which Card is required to work under Demolition Sector?

The demolition sector falls under the purview of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) through its trusted partner, the National Demolition Training Group (NDTG). CCDO cards, crucial credentials for demolition operatives, are issued by NDTG based on a combination of experience and qualifications. To be eligible for various skill and experience levels, applicants must have completed the Health, Safety & Environment Specialist Demolition Test within the preceding two years.

Possessing the correct CCDO card, showcasing your qualifications and affirming your experience is the key to unlock employment opportunities on construction sites across the United Kingdom. These cards remain valid for five years, providing a testament to your expertise and ensuring continued access to a range of construction projects.

A diverse array of CCDO cards awaits application, each tailored to specific qualifications and experience levels. These cards include roles such as Demolition Labourer and Advanced Demolition Operative. Identifying the most fitting card for your qualifications and experience necessitates thorough research into the available options.

Across the spectrum of CCDO cards, the Health, Safety and Environment Specialist Demolition Test stands as a nearly ubiquitous prerequisite, except the more advanced Managers and Supervisory demolition cards. To fulfill this requirement, aspiring demolition operatives can undergo the CITB test at any CITB-approved test centre. It’s essential to note that the test results remain valid for the duration of two years from the testing date, ensuring that individuals possess up-to-date knowledge and competence within the field.

What are the three methods of Demolition?

Various methods exist for demolishing a building, ranging from straightforward approaches like a wrecking ball to more intricate techniques involving engineering and even explosives. The three predominant types of commercial demolition are mentioned below: explosive, machine, and manual.

  • Demolition by Explosion: Explosives serve to disintegrate the building into smaller fragments swiftly and effectively. While this method is only sometimes suitable, it proves invaluable for structures containing hazardous materials like asbestos or mould. Crews strategically position explosive charges throughout the building, typically on its structural components, and simultaneously detonate them.
  • Machine Demolition: Widely adopted as the most common form of commercial demolition, this method employs heavy machinery in a controlled environment. Utilising equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, and cranes, the building is systematically dismantled into sections, which are then removed by manual or mechanical means.
  • Demolition by Hand: Considered the safest approach to demolition, the manual method is also the most time-consuming and economical. Crews meticulously dismantle the structure by employing basic tools like sledgehammers, picks, shovels, and pickaxes. This method is favoured by building owners who have sentimental attachments to their structures and wish to avoid the potential damage caused by heavy machinery or explosives. Moreover, if required, hand demolition provides a practical means to ensure proper handling of asbestos mitigation and reduction processes.
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