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Construction qualification awarded from outside UK

Construction qualification awarded from outside UK; will those be recognised by CSCS?

To be eligible for a skilled CSCS card, individuals must possess a construction-related qualification that is nationally recognized.

Suppose you possess a construction-related qualification obtained outside of the UK and have yet to be recognized by CSCS. In that case, you should contact to apply for an Industry Skills Statement. will assess your qualification to ascertain its comparability to a UK equivalent. Upon approval, will then issue an Industry Skills Statement.

Additionally, will inquire into the origin of your qualification, including the delivery college, to authenticate its legitimacy. This process is referred to as Primary Source Verification.

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What is the CSCS apprenticeship recognition policy?

CSCS and the CSCS Alliance programs must adhere to the stipulations set forth by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC).

As per CLC guidelines about the recognition of completed apprenticeships for the issuance of CSCS-logoed cards:

  • Apprenticeships nationally recognized in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland will be acknowledged as meeting the minimum standard.
  • This CLC mandate empowers the CSCS Alliance to accept nationally recognized apprenticeships from all four UK nations, irrespective of including an NVQ/SVQ.

This process guarantees that participants in recently established apprenticeship programs, such as the English Apprenticeship Standards, qualify for a complimentary CSCS Apprentice card. After completing the apprenticeship, they become eligible for the relevant Skilled CSCS card.

Historic apprenticeships will also be recognised and includes:

  • Relevant English Apprenticeship approved under Specification for Apprenticeship Standards in England (Pre 2020) or by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (2014 onwards)
  • Relevant Welsh Apprenticeships approved under Specification for Apprenticeship Standards in Wales.
  • Relevant Scottish Apprenticeships approved by the Apprenticeship Approvals Group
  • Relevant Northern Irish Apprenticeships approved by Northern Ireland Government Services
  • Relevant Isle of Mann Apprenticeships approved by the Isle of Mann Government.

For the recognition of any Apprenticeship for issuing a card, it will be necessary for the applicant to have proof of successful completion of their Apprenticeship. This will normally be a completion certificate.

Can you get funding for a CSCS Card?

Various financial assistance opportunities are accessible to individuals, including both employees and the self-employed, aiming to attain qualifications within the United Kingdom’s construction industry.

Although CSCS does not offer training or financial support, the following outlines some of the available funding options from other sources.

  • The CITB levy and grant system: CITB-registered employers have access to grants aimed at facilitating workforce training. If you are an employee, inquire with your employer about their CITB registration and the possibility of claiming a grant for your training. It’s important to highlight that even small employers and self-employed individuals exempt from the levy may have the opportunity to apply for a grant. Meeting CITB’s stipulated requirements and registering your company with CITB are prerequisites for applying.
  • Local funding: Local funding opportunities might be accessible to assist with your training requirements. CSCS advises reaching out to training providers in your vicinity to explore available funding options. Additionally, consider checking with Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) in your area, as they may have access to funding. LEPs are collaborative partnerships between local authorities and businesses established to foster economic growth and job creation within the local region.
  • Unemployed: Individuals experiencing unemployment should schedule a meeting with their work coach at the nearby job centre. The work coach can provide information on available funding to support the transition back into employment. Those with a continuous period of unemployment lasting three months or more might be eligible for grant funding through the B&CE charitable trust. Eligibility for this funding extends to individuals who can demonstrate a minimum of 12 months of employment as a “tradesperson” in the construction sector at any point in their employment history.
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